Customer Support

Gemix does not stand by you only until the point of purchase, but follows you all the way.

Technical Support

Our expertise does not stop at production, but extends to field experience, which we're happy to share.


You can come to us with both surface and in-depth inquiries you might have now or in the future.

High-end Quality

Gemix takes pride in its history of quality products and even bigger pride in its continuous improvement.


In our R&D culture, no product is ever finished, but undergoes the scrutiny of our expertise.

Quality Assurance

No production batch leaves production if it doesn't pass the rigorous standards of our QA standards.


State of the art warehousing system ensures that our products reach you in peak condition.


Safe and on-time shipping pertaining to EU standards, and packaged to preserve original condition.


Our logistics team ensures that not only warehousing and shipping systems are in order, but in a state of improvement.


An advanced tinting system that supports all our product lines.

A point of sale system (POS) that will be used by retail stores and service providers. TintSystem is designed to provide precise and repeatable results. The system is user friendly and easy to use and understand for everyone that will be operating and using it.

Consult with our team and we will design custom solutions.

We are more than happy to assist you in the next project. Special requests and challenges are what thrills us and we are more than happy to assist. We will be with you all the way.

We have different systems for different needs.

From silos to equipment for special applications, we provide you with the necessary tools to complete your project. However, this service is limited to some regions only.